AVIAKRANSERVIS Ltd is a reliable operator at the market of new high-speed high-rise tower cranes. The company provides the whole range of services from sale to exploitation of tower cranes at construction sites.

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About us

AVIAKRANSERVIS Ltd is one of the leaders at the market of tower cranes. Today  AVIAKRANSERVIS Ltd offers the whole range of services covering selling, delivery, erection, dismantling, repairing, exploitation, engineering and technical maintenance of new high-speed high-rise tower cranes, self-folding tower cranes of various bearing capacity, and other construction equipment as well as assistance with making technological decisions for construction projects.


AVIACRANESERVIS Ltd has implemented a lot of projects on the territory of Ukraine and gained the trust of clients thanks to the reliability of the equipment, its quality, and our pricing policy. Construction companies from all over Ukraine are among our key clients. They are Garantbudinvest Ltd, Construction Company Ukrbudmontazh Ltd, Construction Company URBI Ltd, Mironovskiy Khleboproduct Plc, Spetsbub-Plus Ltd, BP-4 KMB-1 Ltd, Standard Development Ltd, Novobud BMU Ltd, Aliance-Novobud Ltd.



8 Vaclav Havel Boulevard, Building 10, Office 212, Kyiv, Ukraine

Telephone: +38 (050)  337-03-07

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Fax: +38 (044) 408-74-62

E-mail: aviakranservis@gmail.com

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