About us

The main principle of the work of AVIAKRANSERVIS Ltd is “We work to minimize builders' problems”.

AVIAKRANSERVIS Ltd occupies the leading position at the market of new high-speed high-rise tower cranes. The construction of any big building is connected with the employment of a tower crane. It is the main construction equipment. Sometimes the construction requires a nonstandard placement of the crane. In such situations we are ready to help with searching for a technological decision.


The company specializes in the supply of tower cranes and offers the whole range of services covering erection, dismantling, repairing, and exploitation of new high-speed high-rise tower cranes as well as mobile self-folding tower cranes of various bearing capacity, and other construction equipment.


We are ready to assist in the development of design documentation and technical maintenance.

The company is guided by the following principles when choosing tower cranes: quality and reliability when working in different climatic zones, as well as pricing.


The company pays utmost attention to the quality of equipment as it is the main ingredient of successful work and of gaining prestige and loyalty of customers.


”If you want to find a good partner, you should be a good partner yourself” – this principle of running business is the key one in developing partner relations between AVIAKRANSERVIS Ltd and its suppliers and customers.

The company has qualified employees who have experience in erecting constructions, providing technical assistance, and maintaining tower cranes.


Construction companies from all over Ukraine are among our key customers. They are Garantbudinvest Ltd, Construction Company Ukrbudmontazh Ltd, Construction Company URBI Ltd, Mironovskiy Khleboproduct PlcLtd, Spetsbub-Plus Ltd, BP-4 KMB-1 Ltd, Standard Development Ltd, Novobud BMU Ltd, Aliance-Novobud Ltd.





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